Thursday, August 2, 2012

Playful Business

Happy Thursday everyone! This is going to be a SUPER quick post because I have to watch the Olympics and catch up on the events that I recorded! 


For work today, I decided to dress up little bit. I'm a huge fan of flower prints. So when I saw this peplum floral top at Nordstrom, you already know I had to get it. It's a cotton top and I paired it with a satin creme pencil skirt. Appropriate for business environment yet fun and playful. However, I'm super glad that I get to work in a casual business environment. Perks of working in the fashion industry! 

Top: Lily White 
Skirt: Forever21
 Heels: Calvin Klein
Bracelets: Forever21

I love the graphic floral print of this top! It's different than other flower printed tops that I've seen. The colors just POP out at you. What do you think of the top?

<3 Miianne

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  2. The floral print is quite unique but it looks great! Love the whole outfit!

  3. love the top :) wanna follow each other? :)

  4. That top is super cute! I love anything peplum right now and of course florals. :) You look chic girl! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and hope you have a lovely weekend! <3


  5. really cute top! (:


  6. lovee your turquoise shades!! Cute blog! I like your drawing header.


    let me know if you wanna follow each other? :)

  7. Amazing skirt....i like you're look.

  8. Love this outfit!
    I'm also a Lucky Contributor <3 Just followed you!
    Sincerely, Kristen
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