Thursday, June 7, 2012


There is a fashion rule: Don't wear black and brown together. But obviously rules are meant to be broken! Saw this adorable striped black and brown maxi skirt at Pink Stripes in Santana Row and I had to have it! I love maxi skirts, they are so comfy and chic. 

Maxi skirts aren't just for average or tall women, they're also for us petite girls as well :] 

I paired my latest maxi skirt with a black backless top that way it matches with the color scheme. Didn't want to wear anything to busy. Just a simple edgy top will do the trick. I can't remember where I got this shirt, I've had it since high school and it still fits! 

Top: from a store I can't remember
Skirt: Pink Stripes
Sunglasses: Forever21
Flat Sandals: Marshalls

Hope you all like my outfit! Tell me your thoughts. Just one more day until Friday! Almost there! 

<3 Miianne


  1. You look gorgeous!I love your top and the skirt too...
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  2. very nice outfit..the maxi dress looks great on you! & I also love the colours together :)
    do you want to follow each other?

  3. I love that skirt!!! Maxi skirts are so comfy and stylish. And that is rare, isn't it? LOL. I think black and brown go really well together. Just like black and navy. I like breaking the color rules too. Hope you have a great weekend! <3


  4. thanks for the comment! I just followed you - hope you follow back!

  5. What a gorgeous skirt!! I love it wirh the black top!

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  7. I agree, the rules are meant to be broken. This reminds me that I need more maxi skirt in my closet! Love the shape of your top!

  8. I love your skirt.Thanks for your comment on my blog! following you right now. Do you mind following back. Xoxo

  9. Hi I am foolowing back on GFC plus I am also on following on bloglovin, do you mind followin me back on thislatter too? Thanks

  10. You look stunning Miianne! Love your look!

  11. I like this look :) And I am just crazy about those glasses of yours! :) They have a beautiful color :) xoxo