Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flowers, Teal and Sheer

Hello everyone! Today is such a hot day, summer has arrived. This will be a super quick blog post since I'm leaving to go bowling soon. Wearing flower print shorts, its a spring/summer staple for your wardrobe. I like how the print is subtle yet noticeable. I paired it with a sheer long sleeve blouse with a white tank top, teal sunglasses and matching shoulder purse and with ankle wedge booties

Enjoy the sun!! Summer is here!!!

Sheer blouse: H&M
White tank top: Forever21
Flower print shorts: Nordstrom Rack
Zara ankle booties: thrifted Crossroads Trading Co.
Purse and sunglasses: Forever21

Happy Hump day everyone!! 

<3 Miianne

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