Monday, June 25, 2012

Down to Business Monday

Good afternoon everyone, so how was your Monday? For me, Mondays are the hardest days. It's the start of my work week and after the weekend off, I just want to stay in bed for another hour...maybe 2. 

I decided to dress up for work and I've had this outfit in mind for the longest time. Of course, I'm wearing my signature teal sunglasses, but in some pictures I decided not to wear them. I also started to take close-ups of my top and bottom. 

I am in love with the bag. I purchased it from Crossroads Trading Co. along with another purse, both are vintage Dooney & Burke purses. Whether they are real or not are still in question, but the quality feels pretty real to me. I didn't even have to use my own money! I brought a bag of clothes to sell and got store credit which I used to purchase the purses. I even got $8.13 cents back! Thanks Crossroads for my amazing additions to my closet.

Sheer striped blouse: Forever21
Nude Satin high-waist skirt: Forever21
Statement Necklace: H&M
Shoes: thrifted at Crossroads Trading Co. 
Purse: thrifted at Crossroads Trading Co.

One day down only 4 more days until Friday!!! We can do it!

<3 Miianne


  1. That bag is a great find! I love Crossroads!

  2. Love your loook!

  3. loved how you made a beautiful white blouse look so great.