Saturday, January 5, 2013

Organized for the New Year

Hey everyone! 

Take a look at my Before and After pics of my closets. Out with the old! It feels good to have an organized closet! I hope I can keep it that way! Can't wait to post my first outfit post for 2013! 

I hope that I have enough clothes/shoes/accessories to last me for the whole year! That's my 365 fashion experiment. With all the money I'm going to save, I can pay off my student loan! 

I gotta stay focused! But I plan on treating myself every 3 months (for the winter, spring, summer and fall seasons) by buying $100 of clothing that I need for the change of seasons. 
Let's see how this goes! But so far it's DAY 5 of the New Year and I've been doing pretty good. However, on DAY 3, I bought 3 pairs of gloves at Target...but they were on clearance! They ranged from $3-$15 so it was a good deal!

Can't wait to post my first outfit post for 2013!

After a couple hours of organized, I only ended up donating 2 bags of clothes and shoes!

What was your New Year's Resolution? 

<3 Miianne

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