Monday, July 2, 2012

Naya Rivera and I have the same necklace!!

Happy Monday Everyone! So my fellow blogger Barrie from one quirky peach, was kind enough to tell me that Naya Rivera was wearing a necklace very similar to my peach statement necklace on The Glee Project (the sexuality episode). I couldn't find a good shot of the necklace because most of it is under her shirt, but it looks super similar to the statement necklace I got from H&M.

Pretty cool!!!
Naya River plays Santana on the super popular show Glee! I love that show and I also love The Glee Project. It's so funny, the one day I miss an episode, is the one day I have something in common with a character haha

The beautiful Naya <3

Photos of me wearing the statement necklace from H&M


  1. Happy Monday too! ,I just wish I could see the whole outfit of Naya :) the necklace is very pretty colour btw.